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Last Updated: 6/4/2014 3:27:17 PM

Previous SEL Number: 09MS-01-TTAG

Description: Single-use, disposable patient marking devices for use during multi-casualty triage management.


Operating Considerations: Consider simple device compatible with standard triage protocol; packaged and stored in bulk. Tags should be impervious to moisture, able to be decontaminated, and consider inclusion of CBRNE criteria and features that allow rapid data capture including patient ID and tracking information. See also 09ME-01-MCIK, 08D2-04-PPTS.

Training Requirements: Core Training: ASTM F1031-00, NFPA 450, NFPA 473 (within medical scope of practice).
Initial Training: Minimal (<1 day)
Sustainment Training: Minimal (<1 day) per certification cycle

Mandatory Standards:

Applicable Standards and References:

  • Medical: Basic Life Support
  • Medical: Advanced Life Support
  • Medical: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
  • Medical: Pre-Hospital
  • Medical: Hospital
  • Medical: Public Health
  • Medical: Disaster Stockpile
  • REL: Full Canadian Recommended Equipment List
  • REL: LOS-1, Multi-Agency Intervention
  • REL: LOS-5, Emergency Washdown